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RealTracker was founded in the summer of 1996. RealTracker developed a service that enabled visitors to give their opinion on the quality and contents of a website.

In the Netherlands, Compass Interactive had a monopoly in the area of website statistics. Their page counter offered quantitative information about websites. RealTracker came up with the idea of offering qualitative information in the same way Compass Interactive provided their clients with quantitative information. Suddenly, the picture was complete: RealTracker should offer a package including both qualitative and quantitative information, in other words: "Everything you want to know about your website".

The total idea for RealTracker was born, and was successfully introduced on the market in mid-97. At present, RealTracker has grown into an internationally operating enterprise with more than a million companies and individuals that use the RealTracker products.

This year RealTracker is celebrating its 10th anniversary. A 10-year milestone for our company and 10 years of technology for our users!

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